Time Keeps Marching On

So my flight training continues, however I seem to be hitting a wall.  I’ve done my first XC solo, Night flights, Night landings, Towered landings, etc.  I’m have been attempting to do my long XC solo, however mother nature and my schedule have made that difficult.  Due to work schedule and family commitments, I only have a few days per week that are available to me for flying.  Six times I have attempted to launch on my long XC, only to have the weather not work in my favor.  Such a bummer.  My hope is that tomorrow may FINALLY be the day to complete my long XC.  After that I have a stage check as I’ll have all the necessary hours (short 1 hour of simulated IMC).  This means I’m in the final stretch as I go back to practice my power-on and power-off stalls, steep turns, etc.

On the work-shop front, I’m trying to create some storage space to get all of our CRAP out of the garage.  Putting plywood in our main attic (with some additional insulation) to create some storage for non-heat sensitive items.  Also installing a pull-down attic ladder in the garage so I can then add insulation above my garage and plywood to move things up off the floor so I have space to build.  Goal is to have all the attic work done over the summer so we can start using this space.

No movement on tools or the first kit.  Been taking the kids to different aviation events.  Udvar-hazy, local fly-ins, etc.  Got to meet Mitchell Lock from Vans Aircraft at a local event and sit in his RV-10.  Already have a standing offer to take me and the wife up for a test flight as soon as we are ready.  I personally can’t wait, but don’t think my wife is there yet.  Oh well.

Hopefully next update I’ll add some photos of my storage project as well as an update on my check-ride!