Workbenches and Workspace

Since I’m still a ways off from ordering tools or the first kit, I have been busy trying to get my garage ready to be a workshop.  I’m not sure if I’m the only one out there that has a TON of stuff shoved into every corner of their garage, but I know this has to end.  To try to claim control of my garage once again, I started by installing a pull-down staircase to access the attic space above the garage.

I then purchased a Sprayfoam kit, sprayed about 1-2 inches of foam to give me a decent air barrier, the installed some plywood so I could utilize this space for storing boxes and other items that were light, but bulky.  Since this space wasn’t really designed for flooring / live loads, I am careful to only use it for things like empty storage containers, empty boxes, holiday lights, etc.

Next I build two of the EAA tables.  This was VERY straightforward and easy to get done.  There are LOTS of good youtube videos from others if you have any questions.  I didn’t think another video needed to be made.

Currently I’m in the process of organizing my tool chest and getting rid of a lot of my acquired crud. Spare parts to old tools, pieces from my old Motorcycle, old battery powered tools that no longer hold their charge, etc.  I haven’t started to touch all the TOYS my little girls have stored along one wall, but everything else has been fair game.

Last thing I’m thinking about doing is making a “quiet box” for my 20 Gallon air compressor as well as installing some more permanent air fittings on the walls near where I plan to work as well as a FRL just off the compressor.  Possibly even installing a pull-down reel on the ceiling  with some lighter weight hose in addition to the reel I have on the wall already.

Basically doing everything I can to get ready for my build before I take the plunge.  Still need to get buy-in from the whole family since this will TOTALLY impact them going forward.