Tailcone – Part 8

September has been a VERY busy month and I haven’t had as much time to work on the airplane as I had hoped.  Some of this was due to the fact that I finally got to a point where I needed a second person to help rivet a few areas.  Just about every weekend in September was booked with family, or personal events so didn’t really have a lot of time to spend in the garage. (See previous post about the B-17)

One thing that stood out in the timelapse was how many times I drilled out rivets that I wasn’t happy with.  Honestly, drilling out rivets is no big deal and something that doesn’t get me nervous anymore.  I’m sure I didn’t need to drill them all out, but if I was at all questioning a rivet I just drilled it out and replaced it.

Basically got as much solo riveting done as I could before I got one of my old College buddies to come over to help out.  At least now I can say I had an Aerospace Engineer help build my plane!   Even had to enlist my wife to help me out for some of the last rivets.  She was a good sport, but doesn’t really find it enjoyable.

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Flying a B-17

As a member of the EAA 186 Chapter out of Manassas VA, I had the opportunity to volunteer while Aluminum Overcast was in town.  I spend the better part of 2 days providing ground support for the B-17 as it was doing paid tours.  Mostly crowd management and making sure people didn’t wander off the ramp.

Sunday afternoon I was told that there was a seat available for me on the B-17 as it was being re-positioned from Manassas VA, to Hickory NC on Monday 10/2.  Easy decision, and I informed work and my family I was going to be on the road.

Some of the photos from the weekend (including my daughters helping cleaning oil off the horizontal stabilizer.

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