IR Training… continued

So I’m getting along in my IR training.  I’m getting much better and am able to hold altitude, heading, airspeed.  Granted when I’m asked to enter an approach into the GPS, I’m not keeping my scan up as well as I should.  Progress to be sure, and basically at ACS standards from what my CFII is telling me, but it’s not as good as I want to be.  Just need more practice and hours.

1/2 way done with my XC hours, and only 1/3 of the way for instrument hours.  Weather and work schedule have made flying a bit hit or miss, but I’m moving forward.

DRDT-2 Table and storage

Spend part of yesterday working with my daughter to build a table for my DRDT-2 based on the plans included in the manual.  The plans were pretty general, so I did change some of the dimensions slightly.

A trip to Home Depot for some pre-bound carpet, some wood screws and staples, and my table is complete.  (At least for now it is.  Once I start using it I’ll see if it’s big enough, or if I need to build some additional supports)

Decided to build a shelf under the table to keep it out of the way.  Grabbed some spare lumber and quickly mocked up a shelf.  (Had to rip down the 2×8 a little bit to make it fix.

Training Kit and Toolbox ordered

So I finally submitted my first order to Vans Aircraft.  While it’s only the two practice kits (Toolbox and Training Project), I also decided to purchase the digital copies of the RV-10 plans.   I’m expecting to begin the Toolbox project next weekend when it arrives, followed by the RV Practice Kit.  Hopefully this keeps me busy until I head down to Sun ‘N Fun!

I have also been speaking with Mitch Locke from Vans, and hope to get some time with him once I get back from Sun ‘N Fun to do a demo flight in his RV10 with my wife.  Depending on how that goes, I hopefully will be ordering my empennage kit.

While I really just want to pull the trigger on the empennage kit, I can’t imagine committing to such a major project without at least sitting in and getting a demo of the RV10.


Let there be LIGHT!

Prep-work for my garage continues as continue to “tool up” for my impending build.

I was lucky enough to grab a number of tools off the VAF classifieds, as well as a few sales from Cleveland Tool and Aircraft Tool Supply, as well as some e-bay finds.

Improvements in the Garage include new LED lights to brighten the place up (WOW what a difference the lights make!), overhead power and air, some new tool cabinets, and generally throwing away more stuff that I no longer need!

I also upgraded my tool-box to one of the large Harbor Freight boxes (wish I did that years ago honestly!)

My latest purchase has been again off the VAF site.  I now have a secondhand, or more accurately third hand, DRDT-2 from Experimental Aero.

I think the last item I would like to purchase is a Drillpress, but that may wait until the day I actually need to use it.




Change to wordpress

Moving off my previous blog to WordPress.  Now that I’m close to ordering my first kit, time to make sure I have a good system to document / log my progress

I initially thought I would use something like KitLogPro, however once I actually installed it, I felt like I was transported to 1998.  Love me some Visual Basic forms, however I just don’t think this is what a modern Log should look like.  (Don’t get me wrong, it looks like you can easily make a build-log binder and documentation from KitLog.  I just don’t think I can use the tool without wanting to completely re-write it in something more modern.

Found a few good articles on how others have set up their site, as well as borrowed some ideas from some other builders.  At some point I should add links to other Builders I’m following as well as information on how I set up my site.  For now I’m not actively sharing this site, I’m sure this will be public soon enough.