Delivery and Empennage Inventory

I finally have the first parts of my RV10.  Delivery was pretty uneventful (besides being the last delivery of the day).  Shipping was pretty straightforward and easy.  Got a call from them shortly after the box was picked up from Vans.  Gave me the price for delivery over the phone, confirmed the lift-gate service, and gave me the option of paying by check at the time of delivery or by CC over the phone.  Since I was going to be at Sun N Fun when it arrived in the area, they were ok with delaying delivery until I was home.

Of course the Driver was asking me questions about the box and being pretty social.

Spent about 4.5 hours getting everything out of the crate, and fully inventoried.  As others have said, they really do an amazing job of getting all that stuff into the box.  My crate did it’s job and kept everything safe, even with the shoe prints on the top of the box and a crack on one side.  The only complaint I have is the tape.  I’m not sure what industrial Duct tape they used, but holy cow that stuff has some stick to it.  Granted that’s great for making sure stuff doesn’t move in the box, but I was really hoping to keep all the protective Blue film on most of my skins.  The tape on the other hand didn’t agree with my plans, and a lot of my parts are now missing sections of the protective blue film.  Honestly does it really matter?  I’m eventually going to paint the RV, and will have to scotch bright the whole thing.   Guess not, but I will have to be careful.

Storage of all the parts is not the best.  I really need to clean off more wall space so I can hang some of the skins / parts.  I have just about everything put away for now, but have some concerns of where I’ll hang / put things to get them out of the way as I progress in my build.  Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Onward to building.