Starting the toolbox

So the toolbox kit arrived yesterday, so decided to just jump in.

Instructions are pretty simplistic.  Basically just a single sheet that basically says “put the pieces together and build it!”  Not sure what I was expecting, but this is a pretty simplistic project and may have to purchase two more kits for both of my little girls.

Got started basically the first few steps.  Assemble and connect the ends of the toolbox.  Deburred the edges of the pieces, Clecoed and match drilled all the holes, then deburr all the drilled holes.  Pretty straightforward.

Next Dimple the frame and the ends.  Got to use my DRDT-2 as well as my squeezer, then re-assemble and start to rivet using the flush rivets.  Again, was able to use the Squeezer on the first few rivets on each side.  Slightly oversqueezed the first few, but then got the Squeezer dialed in.  I may try to drill out those rivets to practice that repair, and to make it look a little better.  For the remainder, I had to use my rivet gun and bucking bar.  Somehow I think it may take me a little while to really get the hang of it.  I don’t think my rivets are terrible, but I know they aren’t perfect.

At this point both sides are on, and I’ll start working on the lid shortly.