Rear Spar – 4

After getting some feedback during my recent Tech Counselor visit, I had a few items to address on my rear spar (some rivets that needed attention).  I started off by re-checking all of the rivets on my rear spar to make sure they were in-spec.  For those that were out of spec or “marginal” I went ahead and drilled them out or if they were not set enough I marked them with tape so I could hit them with the rivet gun.  Once everything was drilled out, I had a few places where I scratched the primer. Read more

Rear Spar – Part 3

Ok, so first I’ll apologize as this timelapse is all over the place.  Well, honestly I was all over the place as I ended up making a few errors as I have been juggling a few things.

Getting ready to rive the rear spar to the wing ribs I deburred and primed everything.  I then began to cleco everything together and was trying to utilize my squeezer to set the rivets for the rear spar.  Honestly, this didn’t really work all that well as I still was going to use the rivet gun for a sub-set of rivets.  Also it was just plain difficult to get the proper angle to even come close to setting the rivets correctly.

After setting a few rivets, I realized I had not dimpled some holes:

Page 15-4: Step 3 – “Dimple the holes in the ribs lower aft tab and the holes in the W-1007A-L Rear Spar Web lower flange that correspond to the tabs.”

After looking at these locations to see if I could use the squeezer or some other method of adding the needed dimples, I realized the best solution was to remove the offending rivets attaching the rear spar, correct the oversight and re-rivet the parts.

  1. This is a great lesson to learn.  Take your time and re-read the directions.
  2. You can fix just about any mistake and you will make mistakes.
  3. Removing rivets is a skill you really need to learn 🙂

Here is what you get after removing a bunch of perfectly good rivets:


With the rivets removed and the proper parts dimpled, I re-rivet the rear spar to the ribs again.  This time with less errors and in a much more comfortable position!.

I then begin to prep the rear spar for the right wing by removing the blue film and drilling the doublers.  I also fabricate the doubler with the cut-out for the pushrod using a few different tools.  Honestly the file is still my “go to” tool for this kind of stuff.

With all the doublers fabricated, I attach everything to the rear spar so I can match drill.


Rear Spar – Part 1

While waiting for an opportunity to prime (sensing a theme yet?), I decide to start section 15 – the Rear Spar.

The first order of business is to pull out the SB-16-03-28.  Initially I tried to figure out what steps I need to replace from the build manual (I’m working off revision 07/24/14).  Honestly it took me a while to figure out that the SB kit replaced step 2 on page 15-2.

Read more