Wing Kit Arrival – Garage is starting to feel small!

So it’s been a while since I updated.  For me the holidays have been exhausting with trips up and down the east coast spending time with friends and family.  Seeing everyone has been awesome, however the schedules and the travel itself was tough.  With that said, I have done almost nothing on my plane, nor have I really been able to fly much.  I did get an offer to fly with Todd Stovall in his RV10 as well as helped him take the fairing off his bird for an oil change.  That was a pretty cool flight and really glad Todd was nice enough to let me join him!

With the holidays over (and my payment to Vans for the Wing Kit sent), I have finally got a little motivation to heat up the Garage and get ready for delivery.  Shipping company called me to let me know that they would arrive on January 12.  Let’s just say there was some mixed emotion.  I am very excited to work on the next kit, but have been dreading going into the garage to work due to the weather outside.  Also I had quite a list of things I needed to get done before the kit arrived (including mounting the tailcone on the ceiling!) Read more