Tailcone – Part 6 – Dimpling

So not a lot I can say about dimpling other than there is a lot of it on the tailcone.  Doing this solo was slightly challenging as I tried a few different ways to get access to all of the holes.

In the grand scheme of things, this was pretty straightforward. (I did use the substructure dimples on the bulkheads and ribs but not where the sinks overlapped.)  Take your time and don’t make an oops like I did.  Seems that only once did my attention wander and I ended up making a new hole in my skin.   Somewhat crushing, but not the end of the world.  I was able to drill the holes out to fit a 5- Rivet and ordered some assorted 426 flush head rivets.  My Rivet gun should be able to set it just fine, and I’m having a technical counselor come over to take a look at all my potential mistakes.  I’ll share the completed image of my “fix” in a future update.

I did miss getting video of putting the bulkheads together due to a broken tripod mount.  You can also better see where I had primed the overlapping parts that I mentioned in the previous blog post.  The goal was to provide some protection without allowing the primer to be visible when the parts were assembled.  So far I things have been working out and I’m happy with the results.


Beyond that, this isn’t really a very exciting update.  The next video is a bit better as I begin to assemble and rivet the tailcone.

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