Tailcone – Part 8

September has been a VERY busy month and I haven’t had as much time to work on the airplane as I had hoped.  Some of this was due to the fact that I finally got to a point where I needed a second person to help rivet a few areas.  Just about every weekend in September was booked with family, or personal events so didn’t really have a lot of time to spend in the garage. (See previous post about the B-17)

One thing that stood out in the timelapse was how many times I drilled out rivets that I wasn’t happy with.  Honestly, drilling out rivets is no big deal and something that doesn’t get me nervous anymore.  I’m sure I didn’t need to drill them all out, but if I was at all questioning a rivet I just drilled it out and replaced it.

Basically got as much solo riveting done as I could before I got one of my old College buddies to come over to help out.  At least now I can say I had an Aerospace Engineer help build my plane!   Even had to enlist my wife to help me out for some of the last rivets.  She was a good sport, but doesn’t really find it enjoyable.

Riveting in the bellcrank ribs solo was interesting and something I wasn’t sure I could do.  Can’t believe I had the reach to do these, but it worked out fine.  Just after this video wrapped up, I went ahead riveted the Longerons to the skin where they sit under the rear deck.  Also just clecoed the rear deck on but am holding off riveting the deck on until after I have my EAA Tech Counselor visit.

Speaking of Tech Counselor, I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow to get my progress reviewed.  I already had another RV-10 builder over to take a look at my progress earlier.  He wasn’t a Tech Counselor, but he is an extremely active member of the VAF community and EAA local chapter.  Luckily my counselor is also a RV-10 builder so I’m feeling really confident and can’t wait to see how I’m doing.

Looking forward to riveting the final skins on and beginning the process to attach the tail feathers.

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