EAA Tech Counselor Visit

Just finished up with my EAA Tech Counselor.  Pretty good and easy process, however it did leave me with a number of things I really need to think about.  Guess I need to start doing some reading ahead and research on upcoming build steps.

Overall he was happy with my progress as well as my craftsmanship (I use that word loosely as I really don’t see myself as a craftsman!).  Pointed out about a half a dozen rivets where the shop heads were a little high.  Also pointed out the one place where I may need to put in another rivet due to my missing the hole on one of the bulkheads.  Funny enough that was specifically one of the places I wanted him to give me some advice!

He also gave me a suggestion to NOT install either of the top skins on the tailcone for now and think about installing the rudder cables, and any wiring that I may need (AHRS, Servos, etc) before I install either of the top skins.  I really am not sure what I need to install, but guess I need to start making some decisions now.   Also looks like I need to start ordering mounting plates, cables, and conduit.

Regardless, at least I can now install the top deck, and possibly install the tail feathers / move forward.


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